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Paragon Golf and Country Club was the brainchild of Flight Lieutenant Kaye Huet, an Argus Pilot who in 1962 was stationed at Greenwood. At one time he had been the Junior Golf Champion of the Province of Quebec.

Huet was convinced that a golf course could be constructed in the Kingston area and operated commercially. His interest in such a venture was shared by Gordon Shaw, Pro at the recently opened Greenwood course, and Len Giffen, a Flying Officer. Both Huet and Shaw were very knowledgeable about the game and were familiar with those features which characterize a good course. Len Giffen was a born entrepreneur and what he lacked in experience was more than offset by his energy and enthusiasm. The three had assets invaluable in the construction of a course, and worked very hard to raise funds and purchase the site.

In 1963, the course was opened with 7 holes in play. 10 holes were ready by the first complete year of operation (1964) and expansion to 18 holes was completed in 1970. Further improvements have been made with the addition of three new holes in the early nineties. A full irrigation system was commissioned in 1993.

Adapted from Marguerite Glydon,

A History of the Paragon Golf & Country Club 1962-1993

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