Club Rules

Each player must have a bag and clubs.
No more than 4 players per group.
No play when frost is present.
Membership or green fee tag must be displayed on bag.
No starting on #10 without Pro Shop permission

Repair your ball marks on the greens.
Replace your divots on the course.
Rake the sand traps.
Place refuse in containers provided.
No golf cars or parts within 30 feet of greens.
Avoid slow play at all times:
• If a hole is open ahead of your group and the group behind you is waiting, it’s time to wave them through.  
• If you keep the group ahead of you in sight throughout the round, you are avoiding slow play.

Dress Code
Golf spikes must be non-metallic.
Dress attired not allowed on the course:
• Sweat pants, sport shorts, short shorts or cut offs
• Shirts with lewd logos
• Tank tops or halter tops

Alcohol Usage
Alcohol consumed on course property must be purchased at Paragon.
Excessive consumption will not be tolerated.